All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy

Creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy does not have to be hard. All you need is an experienced facilitator to guide you through the process so you can show up as the expert within your organization. At Decide Diversity Academy, you get the education, resources, and tools you need to effectively lead change within your organization.

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Be the DEI Expert Your Organization Needs

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a strategic initiative is no longer just a good thing for your organization, it is a "must have".

The research makes it clear, organizations that make DEI a priority are more likely to experience an increase in profits, reduced turnover, more creativity, and a larger market share compared to their competitors.

When done correctly, DEI can give your organization a competitive advantage. The caveat? An effective DEI strategy is multifaceted, integrated into your organization's overall strategy, and evolves as the times change. In short, creating an effective DEI strategy is not easy.

How do you keep up with the ever-changing nature of diversity, equity, and inclusion? Especially if DEI is just one portion of your job? Even as a full-time practitioner, keeping up with the latest in the industry can be all-consuming.

Let's Be Real...You Can't Master DEI Alone

There's no 'one-size-fits-all' solution to increasing diversity, improving equity, and elevating inclusion.

  • What worked for one organization may not work for your organization.
  • What worked six months ago may not be what your organization needs going forward.
  • That article you keep referring to from 2 years ago is outdated and may even hurt your DEI initiatives.

It's time to join a community of leaders who have dedicated their careers and lives to bringing you the latest and greatest strategies, tactics, resources, and training around DEI.

Not only will you have an entire team of experts in your corner cheering for you, you'll have peers who are on a similar journey holding you accountable to do the work.

Introducing Decide Diversity Academy

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Inside the Academy, You'll Learn How To

  • Discover your place in the DEI Journey
  • Prepare your organization for diverse talent
  • Develop strategic plans for hiring and retaining diverse talent
  • Build initiatives that increase feelings of inclusion
  • Create policies and programs that are equitable
  • Establish trust and belonging, the foundation for any successful initiative
  • Increase your talent pipeline
  • Design a 6-month personalized individual development plan
  • Become the DEI expert your organization needs to be successful

And Get So Much More!

Library of Resources 

Get 24/7 access to a library of resources, tools, and facilitator's guides for flawlessly implementing activities and town hall sessions on various topics.

Monthly Training Sessions

Each month a DEI expert will have a laser-like focus a topic you need to show up as the expert in your organization.

Live Monthly Q&A

Join other leaders to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing issues. No question is off limits and replays will be available.

Book Club Discussions

Educating yourself is key to growth and discovery. Join the bi-monthly book club discussion where we read DEI related book and take direct action.

Join Decide Diversity Academy Today

  • Get access to monthly training in a password-protected 'members only' portal
  • Get access to training and resources with our Academy partners
  • Get access to a resource library with recommended books, documentaries, podcasts, activities, discussion prompts, and facilitator's guide for putting it all together
  • Join peers for a bi-monthly discussion on a DEI related book with a guest speaker to help further understanding and action
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So...How Much Is It To Join? 

Get this! Your initial investment to join is just $9.99 for 30 days. After 30 days, you will be automatically enrolled into Decide Diversity Academy at the discounted rate of $79/month. If you were to purchase each one of these benefits individually, you would pay no less than $5000 a month! That's an annual savings of over $60,000! It's like having a whole team at a fraction of the price!

My team and peers think I'm crazy for offering Decide Diversity Academy for such a low price (and they're probably right!). I'm crazy enough to do this because I want to see you and your organization be successful.

I want you to be able to show up for your organization as the expert without having to spend every waking hour researching best practices, reading article after article, and copying what your competition is doing.

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Meet Your Master Facilitator, Demetria Miles-McDonald 

Demetria Miles-McDonald is the Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity, a company focused on increasing the presence and effectiveness of underrepresented groups in the workplace, specifically in leadership positions. Demetria specializes in bringing the experiences of people who identify with two or more marginalized groups to the forefront, to better understand and utilize the strengths they bring to the workplace. Demetria's experience in industrial and organizational psychology have energized her to take action and lead today's leaders away from stereotypes and biases that prevent qualified people from reaching their highest potential.

Demetria's powerful presentations and workshops make leaders think outside the box and consider solutions that move organizations forward. As a partner to many leaders across the country, Demetria works side by side with teams to increase diversity and improve inclusionary behavior in an effort to positively impact business results. Demetria's unique perspective as an intersectional employee, leader, and researcher brings clarity, freshness, and focus to issues at work that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Demetria was recently awarded the 2020 Most Admired Woman by Today's Woman Magazine. She was also awarded the 2019 Young Leader of Louisville award from Louisville Business First and the 2018 Member of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners Kentucky chapter. Demetria is a 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award Nominee and a 2018 Trustee of Inclusion and Equity Nominee. These awards were presented due to Demetria's work in diversity and inclusion in the community. Demetria serves on a number of non-profit boards to help bring a focus to diversity, intersectionality, inclusion, and equity.

Demetria volunteers at various organizations such as her local SHRM state council, leading diversity and inclusion efforts, but is most dedicated to the Urban League where she leads a resume writing workshop twice a month to help people from traditionally underserved areas get back into the workforce. Demetria's passion for demanding equality for the marginalized, oppressed, and underrepresented is her life's work.

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